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The Tower of Never There
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UE7 The Tower of Never There
A date. A time. A set of pinpoint coordinates, and just two words:
In the middle of nowhere, an enormous spire materializes before your eyes. But what does it want? And why has it summoned you?
Floor by perilous floor, the answers lie in facing the tower's strange and often eccentric inhabitants — from both this world and beyond.
Will you reach the top of the Tower of Never There?
Or will it ultimately blink away — taking you along with it — before you can manage to unravel its secrets?

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UE8 Ultimate Ending Book Eight
After disgusing yourselves and sneaking past security, you and your brother are finally free to enjoy the luxury of the Kensington Airship in peace. But when disaster befouls the trans-Atlantic blimp, it's up to you to figure out what - or who - is causing the chaos.

Navigating the airship's many decks won't be easy. You'll need to constantly change disguises to avoid security, and the slightest misstep may result in the airship's total destruction!

Will you be able to solve the sabotages in the sundered sky?

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Sabotage in the Sundered Sky
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Rescue From the Valley of Chaos
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UE9 Ultimate Ending Book Nine
When your old nemesis goes missing in the jungles of Belize, as a fellow adventurer you're compelled to help. But John Sullivan isn't just missing... he might actually be vanished from the face of the world!

Can you and your pal Waif navigate the utter pandemonium known only as Elhuatl - The Valley of Chaos?

Or will you both become forever lost - like Sullivan himself - in the shadows of hopeless anarchy?

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